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Our Simple Money Back Guarantee*

If your home is still for sale at the end of 1 year from your original ad placement on our website, we will refund your AD fees* by check within 2 business days! Simply fill out and print our one page request form and follow the mailing instructions.
  • No questions!
  • No phone calls!
  • No hassles!
  • No kidding!
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* Money back guarantee conditions and limits:

1. You must still be actively selling your home. Refunds will not be given if you decide to stop selling your home for any reason and then apply for a refund.

Proof of continued ownership will be required (copy of current BMV registration)

Refund request must be post marked no sooner than your ad's anniversary date but no later than 14 days after the anniversary date.

4. Our money back guarantee applies only to fees paid for primary ADs only. Featured Ad fees are not included in the money back guarantee.

Example: If you place an AD for $49.95 and during your listing year you also pay for an 2 week Featured Ad spot @ $19.90 but your home does not sell, your refund would be the base AD fee of $49.95 not $69.85.